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hope for ukraine

hope for ukraine

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As the hammer strikes the horseshoe, hope strikes the soul, shaping a life that defies adversity and embraces endless possibilities.

Bridle Up Hope is opening up a location in Ukraine to help the girls and women who have suffered from unspeakable abuse and trauma from the war. This horseshoe necklace is a symbol of good luck, protection and that hope is on its way to Ukraine.

  • Notice the “hammered” texture on the horseshoe charm that was created with repeated blows with a small hammer. This is to symbolize a journey or struggle, while the transformation into something beautiful can represent personal growth or overcoming obstacles.
  • The process of being beaten and shaped by life's challenges can ultimately lead to a beautiful and unique outcome.
  • Available in 14K gold, silver and rose gold
  • 15” chain and 3” extender and a .30” horseshoe charm
  • Your purchase will be greatly appreciated and the profits will go directly to the BUH-Ukraine location. This is going to have a big impact on the girls and women of Northern Ukraine.

100% of profits from this necklace will go towards helping the women in Ukraine. There is purpose in this purchase! Thank you!

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