Our Story

In 2012, our family founded the Bridle Up Hope charity in memory of our sister Rachel who loved horses, and to combat the epidemic of depression and anxiety happening for women and girls.

We quickly learned that the Bridle Up Hope program—which involves horses, life skills, and service—was life-changing for participants. But we couldn’t keep up with the demand. There were too many who needed the program but couldn’t afford it. And we couldn’t raise money fast enough. 

That is why we opened this shop—with the mission to inspire hope through exceptional equestrian-themed products and to raise funds for the scholarship program at Bridle Up Hope. 100% of our profits will always go to the girls, women, and horses at Bridle

Ultimately, we hope our products serve as a reminder that even on your hardest days, there is hope in the dark trusting eyes of a horse.

- The Covey Family

The Pink Horseshoe

You will notice this special Pink Horseshoe on many of our products.

It is everything we represent—horses, habits, and hope—woven into one symbol.

Similar to the pink ribbon being a universal symbol for breast cancer awareness, we believe the Pink Horseshoe will become a symbol of hope for girls and women throughout the entire world.

100% Profits to Charity

At the completion of every year, the Shop donates 100% of its net operating profit to Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation.

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