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french fry

french fry

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Here is our newest stuffed animal…who is ready to be hugged & adored by you. We have matched him to his look-alike —French Fry—a Haflinger horse who is part of our amazing herd at Bridle Up Hope in Alpine, Utah.

  • Plush stuffed animal featuring a flaxen chestnut color, soft, plush coat and shaggy mane and tail.
  • 10” long and 9” tall
  • Durable design is crafted with high quality materials and soft polyester fill for an especially huggable stuffed animal that will hold up to hours of play and cuddling.
  • Perfect gift for the horse lover
  • It’s been proven that stuffed animals help with mental health
  • Made by Douglas Cuddle Toys from New Hampshire, USA
  • Machine washable
  • Proceeds from the purchase will help a girl in need. Thank you!

Facts about the real “French Fry”—He may be small in size, but he’s got a big heart. French Fry is a strong little horse (13.1 hh) and he loves to work with a cautious, business-like personality. He is an experienced cart horse, and enjoys teaching new students how to drive. He has wonderful smooth gates and a beautiful golden coat. You can hear him nicker for a treat after his lesson, which makes him a favorite at the barn.

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