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toy horses

toy horses

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toy horse

Horses are beautiful creatures, but it can often be hard to have the real thing. So what’s the next best thing? Our toy horses are here to inspire creativity, imagination, love, and hope!

Introducing our Bridle Up Hope herd:

  • Dakota (Lusitano horse, cream colored with black stocking, black braided mane and tail)
  • Tino (black shire horse with white flowing feathers on legs)
  • Tarzan (Tennessee Walker with tobiano paint)
  • Starlight (pony, white with gold glitter mane and tail)
  • Willow (dark grey braided mane, gold polo wraps with a pink, brown, and grey saddle)
  • Storm (reared up white horse with grey and cream colored mane)
Designed in France by the Papo Company! Collect the whole herd! Quality, very realistic looking and toys that you will pass down! Approximately 4" tall, 6" length and 2" wide

    Thank you for purchasing with a purpose, where 100% of the proceeds go to our girl's scholarship program. Sending love from Alpine, Utah!

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