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ride the wave

ride the wave

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Life is like an ocean. Waves will try to knock you down and push you back to where you started, but once you fight through them, the entire ocean is yours.

We love the true story of Bethany Hamilton in the movie “Soul Surfer.” She was strong and resilient and able to come back from a tragic accident.

“Life is like surfing, when you get caught in the impact zone you need to get right back up because you never know what’s over the next wave, and if you have faith anything is possible. Anything at all.” Bethany

  • Wear this gold necklace as a symbol of your amazing ability to ride the waves of life!
  • 18K gold disc 1/2” with wave motif
  • 18” chain
  • Profit from this purchase goes to the Bridle Up Hope Foundation! Thank you!
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